Spanish temperament under sails


Experience pure sailing fun!

At Bootspunkt we offer you high quality sailboats of the Spanish brand Sarch. With our daysailer, the Sarch S6 or its big brother, the Sarch S7, relaxed hours on the water are guaranteed. From 2020 the S8 will make the offer a trio.


The daysailer.
Newly invented.

The Sarch S6 combines Spanish temperament, design and safety. Ideal for an exciting sailing day or a relaxed trip with the family. In this model, the interior of a cruiser was dispensed with in favor of lightness and simplicity. The Sarch S6 is perfect for sailors who want to enjoy day trips without much effort and who like a sporty modern hull without sacrificing stability and safety.


Quintessence of comfort and intense sailing fun.

The Sarch S7 combines comfort and speed in a unique way. The large sail area in relation to its extremely light hull makes you feel like sailing on a real racer. It is consistently designed for single-handed use and is very easy to handle. Inside there is room for unobstructed walking paths, a comfortable living area with a lowerable table, two full-size double berths, a separate toilet room and a sufficiently large pantry – a racer for the whole family.